This is Kim…

I’ve been meaning to post these photos of my pal Kim for ages now along with a few other blogs I’m yet to do and just keep forgetting, but almost every week I’ll get a notification on Instagram or whatever as she posts another photo from the set and so basically I’m doing this right now before I forget again and before she posts them all.

Kim, Portrait-3

I’ve known Kim for a few years now and she hates having her photo taken so it was particularly cool that we not only did this but also that she really likes all the photos. Or so she tells me…

But I’m glad she likes them, ’cause we got a ton of rad photos. And knowing that took the edge off the crippling two day hangover that followed from such a long overdue catch up.

Kim, Stairs-12

You can follow her on Instagram, and she’s also going to be performing at Riding Rooms on the 5th June. Event details here. So if yer about Glasgow, come down!

And hey, if any of her dancer friends read this, reach out! I always wanna photograph more people.

Right, here’s the photos:

Kim, Portrait-1Kim, Balcony-3Kim, Balcony-2Kim, Balcony-22Kim, Sofa-9Kim, Sofa-8Kim, Sofa-4Kim, Windowsill-5Kim, Windowsill-8Kim Stairs-5Kim, Stairs-1Kim, Stairs-10


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