Abandoned Spaces: Blue Merkitten, Glasgow

I was recently holed up in my flat for the best part of two weeks just quietly getting on with some of my own shit and I recognised that I should probably get out and do something but just… didn’t. It’s amazing how comfortable you can get with your own space.

Thankfully, Blue got in touch to force me out because she wanted to go check out some abandoned place and had arranged transport and basically all I had to do was exist and take a camera with me so it was pretty easy.


I think it was north west out of the city but I can’t for the life of me remember where exactly or what it used to be.

There’s something crazy like 150 photos in this set so I’m just going to share a handful of them here and if you want to see the rest you can get those by subscribing here.

You can also go support Blue here.

I think that’s everything. Ok, photos. Go:



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2 thoughts on “Abandoned Spaces: Blue Merkitten, Glasgow

  1. Looks a great place. Most old places around Newcastle been developed or flattened.

    1. It was definitely good to explore around it, signs of people using it as an unofficial paintballing zone. Pretty neat!

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