Stag & Dagger Festival, Glasgow.

My pal Oli came up to Glasgow for the day and that coincided with a multi-venue festival in the city, so we spent a few hours drinking and watching bands.

I’m tired and don’t have a lot of words in me but something I will note briefly is that it was great to see a selection of rad bands featuring women. I don’t know what the overall representation was, but of the bands I ended up seeing it felt like a solid 50/50 split.

Anyway, I took my camera along so here’s a selection from Slime City, Goat Girl, Dream Wife, Death By Unga Bunga, and I think there’s one photo in there of a band called Feet. Who knows.

Stag&Dagger Festival, Slime City, Death by Unga Bunga, Dream Wife, Goat Girl, Feet, The Garage, Banditti Club Stage, Attic, BroadcastGoatGirl-1DreamWife-1DeathByUngaBunga-1SlimeCity-2GoatGirl-2DreamWife-2DeathByUngaBunga-2SlimeCity-5GoatGirl-3DreamWife-3Feet-1DeathByUngaBunga-3SlimeCity-3GoatGirl-4DreamWife-4DeathByUngaBunga-4SlimeCity-4

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