I realise I haven’t shot anyone new in ages, and last week I finally got chance to hang out with Gill for a couple of hours. Gill’s another person I first met during my time in Cathouse, and she used to work there too. We’ve been trying to sort something out for months, but we’ve both always ended up busy at the last minute.

She came over my way to shoot some photos as she’s about to launch her own fitness business. We kept the photos pretty casual, I chatted shit and occasionally pointed a camera in Gill’s direction. We did some stuff in the flat and got a few on the balcony, and then we headed outside a little.

The weather has been beautiful in Glasgow the past week. I really need to get some blinds so that I can work properly because having the sun beaming into your living room from midday until 8pm doesn’t exactly make for an ideal editing situation, but then again, I’d only moan if my flat go no sunlight.

Here’s a few photos.



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