Introducing: A.

A week before the Valentine’s shoot, A. came over to mine for our first shoot together. It was also our first time meeting in person, too. We followed each other on Instagram for a while and then arranged for her to come over to Glasgow for some balcony photos. I met her in town. I think there was a loose plan to go out for a walk, but the weather wasn’t great and so we just shot in the flat instead and I cooked some food.


These balloons have been knocking about my flat for two months and they’re still full of air. I do not understand this at all.


I’m getting a pretty solid collection of balcony photos now and I’m looking forward to turning it into a book or something further down the line. This black and white is my favourite of the bunch.


The light in my flat isn’t always the most even, but I love how it looks.


We shot a ton more, I think there’s around 100 or so. They’ll all be making their way onto my OnlyFans. You can either sign up to that here, or if OnlyFans isn’t something you want to deal with, you can now get access through my online store by paying with PayPal!

There’s something absurd like over 8,000 photos now and they’re mostly NSFW, too.



If you enjoy my posts and want to be amongst the first to receive exclusive photo sets, video, and have access to thousands more unpublished photos through my private photoblog, or simply just want to tip me, then here’s your options.

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