Laura & Jeffels visit Glasgow

The last time Jeffels was in Glasgow we were living together in a flat, until the dodgy dealings between our letting agents at Countrywide and the (at the time, unregistered) Landlord’s resulted in us being evicting to cover their backs.

Fast forward a year and a bit and looking back it’s probably for the best it happened. I mean, being made homeless wasn’t exactly ideal but Jeffels returned to York and shortly after met Laura, and I went off and did my own thing until I was able to get myself sorted in another flat. Gotta just deal with it and keep yourself occupied.

Laura & Jeffels arrived on the Friday evening which meant a few quick drinks at mine before heading straight out to Catty.

Laura & Jeffels-11Laura & Jeffels-10

It doesn’t matter when I tell people I’m not actually working, they’ll still want their photo taking anyway.

Laura & Jeffels-6Laura & Jeffels-8Laura & Jeffels-4Laura & Jeffels-5Laura & Jeffels-9

Jeffels & Craig, reunited.

Laura & Jeffels-13

My memory is kind of hazy. It’s rare that I’m in a good enough mood to fully let go, and as a result the alcohol took a hold of me. I don’t remember taking this photo on the way home.

Laura & Jeffels-14

Did get a good one of the boy for my balcony project though.


The following day started with a vegan haggis breakfast and a gradual wake up with some music before we all decided to go for a walk. The weather was good for it.

Laura & Jeffels-15

I live just by the river kelvin, and the walkway connects me to just about anywhere I want to be. And it’s great for dog spotting. So we made our way to the botanic gardens.

Laura & Jeffels-18Laura & Jeffels-16Laura & Jeffels-22Laura & Jeffels-19Laura & Jeffels-21

Unsolicited cacti pic.

Laura & Jeffels-24Laura & Jeffels-26Laura & Jeffels-20

Afterwards we went for a greggs vegan sausage roll except they were out of stock so instead we went to a restaurant for a curry which was the exact opposite of a problem.

I was wedged in proper, so didn’t take any photos of the food.

Laura & Jeffels-27

Afterwards we headed to Kelvingrove Art Gallery to take a look at the dinosaur skeleton that’s knocking about.

Laura & Jeffels-28

To be honest my photos of it are pretty terrible, but here you are.

Laura & Jeffels-29Laura & Jeffels-30

After that it was a walk back along the river to cabbage out on the sofa with a film, and nap, according to the photos left on my camera.


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