Jemma & Jake Engagement Night

I’ve neglected the blog a little as the past few weeks I’ve been up and down the country, and recording & mixing a new release for Closet Organ with what feels like a million things in between.

Though the dust is starting to settle now, and I’ve made the time to plough through some photos for a bit of a catch up.

The main reason I went back down to Scarborough a few weeks ago was because my friends Jemma & Jake are getting married, and they threw a wee engagement party. Fair to say they’ve hardly been having a fun time lately, so having a night at theirs for them with friends and family over was more than deserved.


I’ve known Jemma & Jake for a lot of years, since my first year in college. Thinking back to when I first met them, imagining them ending up together would have made little sense to me. But now it’s impossible to imagine anything other than this. It’s corny and lame, but it’s true, and it’s surreal how things turn out.


I spent a whole chunk of my time outside, eating vegan party food (thanks to them both massively for catering my elitist needs) while trying to avoid my pyjamas melting to my legs by the fire.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a whole lot in terms of photos, so here’s a few from the night taken by whoever’s hands my camera ended up in at the time.


I guess it was inevitable that someone managed to be carted away in an ambulance… can’t wait to see what the wedding brings!

Oh, as photos are lacking, here’s a couple of older photos I just dug out too. Must take more photos of Jake in future…



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1 thought on “Jemma & Jake Engagement Night

  1. That first photo is great.

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