Imogen, Scarborough Castle

Similar to most connections on Facebook, people end up being added through occasional interactions over mutual friends posts, and I guess that’s how I connected with Imogen. It was a fairly long time until we actually met in person, and that was just a chance passing some point last year with Jazz. That said, we had loosely arranged to try and get together to take photos sometime before that, but for whatever reason it never happened.

When I was visiting the other week, Imogen dropped me a message out of the blue and said she’d be down to do some photos now I was around again. I had a free morning before having to go take photos of my pal Alastair, and so that was set.

Imogen, Living Room-3

We had a chat over a brew first and then started off in her front room, and just took it as it went. I don’t spend time setting up my photos, I just like whoever I’m photographing to feel comfortable in that environment and I just work around them.

Imogen, Living Room-bw-10Imogen, Living Room-20Imogen, Living Room-bw-24

The light spilling through the window made for some good armchair photos.

Imogen, Living Room-51Imogen, Living Room-43

We weren’t sure if we were going to get out to take some photos, but the sun was beaming and so we grabbed our brews and took off to the castle. Getting over the wall was straightforward enough, and no tea was sacrificed.

Imogen, Castle-bw-32Imogen, Castle-15Imogen, Castle-21

Some builders were kicking about, and despite being in full view of the bay I think everyone below remained oblivious.

Imogen, Castle-6

With that, we headed back to Imogen’s place for another brew and some more photos before I had to leave to meet Alastair.

Similar to the armchair photos earlier, the light falling in Imogen’s bedroom ended up being perfect.

Imogen, Bedroom-bw-38Imogen, Bedroom-bw-35Imogen, Bedroom-4Imogen, Bedroom-18Imogen, Bedroom-41

That’s it for the blog! I’ll be posting more from these sets over on my OnlyFans. So if you want to help me pay for my rent then that would be excellent.

Imogen, Bedroom-29


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