JAZZebell_, Scarborough

I’m back from a week in Scarborough. Had a lot on, took a lot of photos. So it’s gonna take me some time to sort through everything. However, I have just sorted these of JAZZebell_.

jazzebell_, scarborough-2

As Jazz is back in the area, and as she’s in a bedroom that is completely hers for the first time in longer than I’ve known her, she wanted to take some photos. Admittedly composition went out of the window as it was just a super quick dumb set that was needlessly explicit.

jazzebell_, scarborough-12

jazzebell_, scarborough-4

I didn’t have a flash, so I propped an LED light on the top of the camera which made for some fairly inconsistent exposures but so what, I got the photos and that’s all that matters.

jazzebell_, scarborough-23jazzebell_, scarborough-20jazzebell_, scarborough-50

There’s fewer photos in this blog than I’d have liked but the rest are too much for what I try to keep myself limited to on here, so I’ve posted the full set over on my OnlyFans and you can grab them there along with a video!


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