Nudes in Raincliffe Woods with Chloe

I’ve got a lot to write about and feel like not enough time to write about it. I’m moving to Glasgow tomorrow, so I’m gonna try and get a bunch of shit written on the train up.

So I’m gonna post this up real quick to get things going.

When I realised I was gonna be moving to Glasgow I put out a shout for anyone who wanted their photo taken by me to get in touch before I left. Chloe was one of these people and we managed to make it work.

We’ve been friends online for… I dunno, ages? And we’ve hung out a couple of times. I’ve wanted to photograph Chloe for a long while, so I’m glad it finally happened. We met, had a brew, then fucked off into the woods for those autumnal colours… and lack of humans.

Chloe, Raincliffe-1DSCF6215

Chloe mentioned she’d want a bit of direction, but I’m not exactly one for directing – so fortunately she was also content just doing whatever the hell she liked.

I like to work around people while they figure out exactly what it is they’re comfortable with. I’ll maybe say ‘stand there’ or ‘hold that one sec while I move’ from time to time, but that’s about it.

We started with portraits and just went from there.

Chloe, Raincliffe-3Chloe, Raincliffe-4DSCF6239

After a couple of minutes it was around this time Chloe decided she wanted to take her clothes off, and so that happened.

DSCF6245Chloe, Raincliffe-6

We found a rad tree to climb.

Chloe, Raincliffe-9Chloe, Raincliffe-10DSCF6272Chloe, Raincliffe-13

If you don’t know, Chloe is a loctician. So go check out Northern Locs on Facebook.

Chloe, Raincliffe-14

We took a walk barefoot up through the woodland.

DSCF6322Chloe, Raincliffe-23Chloe, Raincliffe-26Chloe, Raincliffe-25DSCF6388

It’s good to get out and fuck off for an afternoon with no one else about. It’s easy to take the piss out of the whole barefooting thing, but to be honest it feels amazing – Especially when yer walking through mud.

Chloe, Raincliffe-28Chloe, Raincliffe-37

We made it to the top of the woodland, and headed into a field. Admittedly, the thistles didn’t make barefooting the most enjoyable experience in the world. But we commited to it and made our way through to the lone tree in the distance.

Chloe, Raincliffe-38DSCF6459Chloe, Raincliffe-40Chloe, Raincliffe-41Chloe, Raincliffe-46DSCF6496Chloe, Raincliffe-50DSCF6506Chloe, Raincliffe-54

This is one of my favourite photos from the entire set…

Chloe, Raincliffe-59Chloe, Raincliffe-60Chloe, Raincliffe-62

I’m including more videos on my Members Only site, so here’s a freebie for you to get the vibe of what’s available.


As always, this is only a fraction of the photos we took. You can the rest of this set (and thousands of others) on my Members Only site. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for a while but haven’t gotten around to it, well now is the perfect time as I need to get rent together for my own place in Glasgow again!

For more of Chloe, visit her Instagram & OnlyFans.


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