Countryside nudes with JAZZebell_

It’s been almost 2 months since I took photos of JAZZebell_ in Wales. She’s spending most of her time in and around Bristol now but she managed to take a few days out to come up north.

naked alt model JAZZebell_ by photographer Lee Jones in Scarborough UK

I’d been on with a few things so we weren’t really sure if we were gonna get chance to meet for a catch up, but we did, and that is why you are reading this blog.

We took a walk around the town hunting down vegan cakes and took some time out on the beach.


Before heading back to mine for food & to take some photos for OnlyFans.

JAZZebell_, Other-2JAZZebell_, Field-1

True to form, our shoot was done in 3 near by locations in about 30 minutes. We work pretty quick.

Here’s a small selection of the less explicit photos that we shot for you to scroll through.

JAZZebell_, Gate-1JAZZebell_, Gate-4JAZZebell_, Gate-11JAZZebell_, Field-5JAZZebell_, Field-4JAZZebell_, Field-32JAZZebell_, Field-29JAZZebell_, Field-39JAZZebell_, Tree-10JAZZebell_, Tree-17JAZZebell_, Tree-20

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JAZZebell_ Gasmask-4

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Find & Support JAZZebell_ here, here, and here.

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