In York with Viktoria Addison

I recently spent some time in York eating food and hanging out with my friend Viktoria Addison. We’ve been meaning to arrange a proper shoot with one another for a little while now, and it just so happened she was going to be dancing that night in York so that was the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

We worked out that we’d known each other for a long time, but actually hadn’t seen each other in almost 4 years which is pretty crazy to think about.

Normally, I think I’d feel pretty anxious about hanging out with folk I haven’t seen in a long while but that wasn’t the case here. And is a definite sign of having a solid friendship when you don’t need to be in touch with people all of the time. Everyone has their own shit going on.

We grabbed some pizza, and chatted for a while over tea and fudge, and then some pints by the river. In fact it was a few hours before we even started to properly take photos, just under the bridge opposite where we were drinking.

Viktoria, Under Bridge-7Viktoria, Under Bridge-13

We took a quick walk further along the river to another spot, and took a few more. It turned out we were in full view of the beer garden across the river, but with some vocal cheers from the balcony and the passing boats no one appeared to object.

Viktoria, River-9Viktoria, River-23

We headed for another pint before going back to Viktoria’s place for an outfit change and to shoot some stuff in the bedroom.

I’m only posting a few from the day here, ’cause in total there’s like 150 or so and they’re all available on my OnlyFans right now (sign up is only $5!)

Viktoria, Pub1-6Viktoria, Bedroom-1

We’d hoped the sun would be beaming through the blinds, except that it was the wrong time of day so we used a lamp instead…

Viktoria, Bedroom-2Viktoria, Bedroom-6

… it worked better than we both expected, to be honest.

Viktoria, Bedroom-27

Lord Jesus is everywhere.

Viktoria, Bedroom-26Viktoria, Wall-1

I was supposed to be getting gone to meet Jeffels at this point, but we were getting more photos done than we’d originally planned and just went with it, and there was a spot by the railway car park that Viktoria wanted to climb up and get undressed on…

Viktoria, Car Park-6
Viktoria, Car Park-8Viktoria, Car Park-13

After that it was back to the pub for another couple of drinks and to say our goodbyes.

Viktoria, Pub2-3

We’ll be shooting together again, for sure.

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1 thought on “In York with Viktoria Addison

  1. Some lovely images as usual Lee. You really manage to capture shots completely different to the “norm”. Viktoria is a great model too.
    Good blog post.

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