Sarah & Katie’s Wedding, York

I’ve been to few weddings, and aren’t mad keen on the idea of them in general which is less to do with the folk getting married, and more just the that I’m not a fan of the whole faff of it all.

This wasn’t a faff though, and when Sarah casually invited me over Messenger and pitched it as a big party, it sounded fun and I said I’d be there.


I stayed in York with Jeffels & Laura and we arrived early to help set up. Sarah & Katie assembled a band so they could play their own party. I got to fill in on bass during the soundcheck which I think is the first time I’d played music with Sarah since we were back in School.

A free bar, & fairy lights everywhere.


I wasn’t there as a wedding photographer, so there’s not really many photos of all the little details on the tables an’ that. I mostly just did my thing while eating and drinking.


Sam had travelled down from Glasgow.


A neon Jeffels appears.


The drinks were flowing well before the ceremony began.


Once the actual ceremony started, it felt like it was over in a few minutes.


Straight down the isle, with no fucking about.


And sealed with a kiss, a shot, and a party.


I barely keep in touch with anyone from my school days and I don’t really do weddings so this is one event I’d never have expected to be at, but I’m glad I got to hangout and see my first girlfriend marry a woman. They’re both rad.


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