Mushroom Walk

Autumn has kicked off and October has just started and so I am going to make more of an effort to post more regular blogs again.

I met with Robyn and we headed out to search for mushrooms with Adam, Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby, and Daisy…

Mushroom Walk-8
Mushroom Walk-39Mushroom Walk-6

I’ve honestly seen more varieties of mushroom this past week than I have in my entire life. Curiosity has me wanting to cook with them all, but also no matter how fierce my self-loathing is liver failure isn’t high on my list of wants just now.

Mushroom Walk-33Mushroom Walk-27

Some of them look proper weird.

Mushroom Walk-28

I didn’t grab a photo but I saw one that looked like manky cardboard and it smelled like rotten fish. And there were some that had the satisfying squishy texture of a stress ball.

There’s more on my OnlyFans.

Robyn brought out this wee glass ball.

Mushroom Walk-2

Which came in useful for close up shots.

Mushroom Walk-16Mushroom Walk-20

And for taking photos suitable for Instagram.

Mushroom Walk-36

I never really know how to end blog posts so here’s a couple photos of a massive tree that had fallen over.

Mushroom Walk-43Mushroom Walk-45

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