You should probably join Pizza Club.

This weekend I headed to Newcastle. I got a call from my pal Dan saying that him and some friends were having a pizza gathering and they needed tasters and ideas for different toppings etc.. I was sold at pizza and sorted my route.

I met Dan on Saturday morning, and helped him hunt down all the ingredients from town and also eased him through the pain as his bank balance took a hit.

Pizza Club-1Pizza Club-2Pizza Club-3

Honestly, I’d never have expected arranging a box of vegetables to be so satisfying. Look at them.

Pizza Club-5
Pizza Club-4

I know I’m supposed to be vegan but witnessing folk get excited about any kind of food will always be a sight to behold, and that energy just puts everyone in such a good place.

This cheese board was particularly special.

Pizza Club-7

And Dan could barely contain himself showing off his meat.

Pizza Club-11

Three infused oils…
Smoked Garlic & Rosemary, Habanero & Sun-dried Tomato, and Black Truffle.

Pizza Club-13
Pizza Club-12

Before we get to the pizzas I should introduce Pizza Club.

Pizza Club is David Fitzgerald (centre), and Derek Green (left) & Daniel Russell (right) have been helping him get this off the ground.

Pizza Club-35

You should definitely be getting ready to get heavy involved with pizza. Pizza Club knows what’s up.

Pizza Club-34

With everything set up, David started cooking.

The pizzas were flowing steadily from around 2pm until 9pm. I lost count of how many were consumed. But it was all necessary and important research.

Pizza Club-17Pizza Club-22Pizza Club-25Pizza Club-26Pizza Club-27
Pizza Club-18Pizza Club-16

There’s little in this world I’d commit to a crippling all round 12 hour bus journey for, but Pizza is one of those things. I even got to make my own pizza for the menu, which they named the ‘Mr. Jones’.

Pizza Club in Newcastle

You’ll be able to buy the ‘Mr. Jones’ soon. It’s vegan. And rad. Get it in yer gob.

Pizza Club-32

I’m always more excited than I look.

Pizza Club-33

I’ve intentionally avoided specific details on their plans and some of the pizzas being created, because to be honest you should go and follow Pizza Club on Instagram right now as it’s all announced.

Pizza Club-37Pizza Club-39Pizza Club-47Pizza Club-48Pizza Club-50Pizza Club-51Pizza Club-52Pizza Club-41Pizza Club-46

Pizza is happening soon.

Pizza Club-53

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