Radiomoths: A Spotlight

Good morning! A little while ago on my travels I was interviewed by Kae about my photography and that. Our original talk was after a bottle of vodka and memories of the night are uncertain, so instead I answered questions again a little later via email. That email exchange is here.

Being asked questions will forever make me uncomfortable but you gotta try, eh.


Radiomoths belongs to photographer and all round nice bloke, Lee Jones.  I first met Lee outside a bar in Scarborough where he was shooting nightlife pictures of routine Wednesday night carnage.  My friend had just been ejected from the venue due to his somewhat hammered state and I was annoyed as I’d just bought a not very cheap round of cocktails.

I recognised Lee as being the chap I had just started stalking on social media the weekend before after seeing his amazing photos taken during a frankly hilarious visit to Scarborough by the EDL.  And the subsequent irritation of rational thinking residents.  I approached Lee and handed him one of the drinks asking him if he wanted it.  He accepted without even asking what was in it.  And a friendship was born.

lee 1.png The horse that took an instant dislike to Lee.  But proved it’s worth as a model.


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