To Wales and back.

I haven’t posted an actual blog in a long while, and it’s not for lack of doing things to write about. I’ve been all over… had another stint in Prague and covered a festival and hung out with friends, then back in the UK I travelled to Sunderland and Newcastle to shoot and catch up with various friends while also attending a wedding, and also visited Wales. There’s more things in between too, I’m sure. But I’m just having a massively shit time right now, though I feel like I should probably at least post something rather than ignore everything forever.

I’m gonna start with my recent trip to Wales.

The photographer Jazz was travelling down to work with went well out of his way to accommodate us, picking us up and driving us around, and even let us crash in his family home for the few days we were there – his wife even prepared us some vegan meals for our stay. Dynamite.

On the road

We spent a day by the beach, and I found a washed up Jellyfish. It was huge.




For reasons best not written about, we actually weren’t by the beach under the idealist of circumstances, and as a result a piece of me died and will forever be left on that beach but here I am soldiering on, being only marginally pissed off at the inadequate shade provided by the immediate surrounding trees.


Seriously, Wales is renowned for being cursed with permanently shite moody wet and rainy weather, weather which is ideal for me, yet there I was experiencing such an immediate intensity of heat that I wished my heart would do me a favour and stop beating.


The day was made better by actually getting a quick set of photos of JAZZebell_ doing an impromptu public strip.


The rest of the photos are rad and are available now on OnlyFans.

The following day I was out of the heat, as we spent the day in doors in a studio.

Being in a studio is pretty alien to me, and I generally avoid it due to a mixture of my own stubbornness and practical reasons as I have little actual use for a studio set-up. However, it was genuinely interesting (and refreshing) to witness someone so passionate about what they do while also demonstrating a definite knowledge and skill of his own ideas, environment, and equipment. I took in a lot of information that day.

I did manage to snap a photo myself while the photographer made adjustments to his set up.


But mostly remained ‘behind the scenes’ until I had the opportunity to shoot Jazz in the pool a few hours later.


My shoot with Jazz started with some pretty weird photos on the glass balcony above the pool. I haven’t been in a swimming pool for around 15 years, and with the balcony being directly above the water it meant I had to go for a swim, with my camera. I had a ton of fun… even though I bloodied my nose in the shallower area.


Jazz made some pretty interesting squished shapes against the glass floor, and some photos are very NSFW and I’m not posting them here (but I’ll post them on OnlyFans!)

Oh yeah, something worth noting here is that I’ve lost my 18mm lens that I typically shoot Jazz with so I was shooting at a focal length of 35mm, which I rarely use. So all the photos in this post feel very different than my usual approach of shooting Jazz. I didn’t even bother with my trash flash.


I feel like I worked it, though.


Now, I hate on my photos a lot but there’s something about this one that just works for me and I will actually fight anyone who tries to tell me it is a shit photo…


The colours in the pool worked so fucking well.


But black and white also works and I’m a sucker for that so I am torn.


We were fortunate enough to be offered a lift to Milton Keynes to help us on our way home. We had 30 minutes to kill before the bus left, so we went to seek shade under a nearby bridge. There were a few guys who were filming an advert promoting a new Mercedes car that was coming out, and I ended up being roped in to doing a walk on and improvising some lines. I have no idea how that turned out, and I am sure it is a disaster. What the hell is my life, seriously?

Anyway, as I’ve already mentioned a couple of times here I have an OnlyFans and I’m going to post the rest of these photos there. There’ll be nearly 100, exclusive to my private blog available only through OnlyFans.

So, seriously, as I continue to be unable to exchange death threats from far-right lunatics for actual hard currency, if anyone wishes to support me financially then please consider signing up to OnlyFans for a few dollars per month!

Right I think statistically someone should at least accidentally click on one of those links. So cool, I’ll write more and post more soon. Thanks. Bye. xo


2 thoughts on “To Wales and back.

  1. It’s hard to know what to write about this …I’m really sorry you are having a shitty time/life right now. I truly hope it gets better.

    Your work is amazing as always. The swimming pool images are amongst the best you have done in my opinion (and not just Jazz is in them!) although blue on blue works great.

    You know my saddest image… the camera in the sand….

    You know I follow your thoughts/stuff around Social Media…so please…you do have something to give – so keep going ok!

    Take care bud.


    1. As always, thanks for taking the time to read this shit man and for leaving comments. I mad appreciate it, even when I don’t get around the replying. I’ll get there, I’m sure. Hope you’re good!

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