Boggle Hole & Flamborough Head

I was due to head out with Debby for the day to go exploring some woodland but our plans were altered slightly as she’d gotten an injured baby pigeon and that we were gonna have to take it to the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary.

I’d never seen a baby pigeon before. And for some reason I didn’t take a photo of it, but rest assured they don’t look very pigeon like at all and just look a bit… odd.

After a little mix up with the address (Google lists the location as some blokes house near by, and he’s kinda pissed about people taking dead Hedgehogs his way expecting him to bring them back to life) we headed back and called at Boggle Hole!

Boggle Hole-2
Boggle Hole-1Boggle Hole-13

I don’t think I’d been to Boggle Hole before. Not that I remember anyway, and I didn’t realise just how close it was to Robin Hoods Bay when we walked along the cliffs to it before walking back along the beach.

Boggle Hole-6

Lately, I’d been enjoying the sun a lot more than I used to but the sky was grey this day and I welcomed the break from the abuse I’d exposed my skin to recently.

Boggle Hole-12Boggle Hole-10

Fast forward a few days, and we headed out again. This time to Flamborough, starting at South Landing before heading to North Landing.

Still no sun.

Spotting faces in the rocks.


We headed to North Landing next, and explored some of the caves before the tide came too far in. I decided to barefoot it and to be quite honest that was pretty stupid because it killed. I wish I knew exactly what it is I find satisfying about that.

I didn’t take any photos in the caves, as it got pretty deep and wasn’t sure on my footing. I took my video camera though, ’cause I care less about that. So I guess now’s a good a time as any to share the video…


We finished with a picnic up on the cliff edge and spotting different birds, timed perfectly just before the rain came in.


We were real close to some puffins at one point which I’m sure is the closest I’ve been to a puffin in the wild but obviously I didn’t take a photo because I am a div.


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