Walking my brain back together.

Just taking a short break from writing about the hitching adventure at the moment to focus on a few things I’ve done this past week since being back in Scarborough. Also because I want to post at least once before the end of the month as I have been a bit quiet recently. This is probably going to be a pretty long post but then again I don’t think I’ve had a short post for a while so I guess you’re either used to it or are just happy reading the first half and leaving.

The hitching tour ended for me in Manchester, and I managed to find a bus I could get for free the majority of the way home to Scarborough. Not bad.

The morning after I got back I did a short section of the wolds way walk with my parents.

1 - Parents, Wolds Way-1

This involved walking past an RAF base surrounded in signs like this. I find these signs oddly hilarious.

1 - Parents, Wolds Way-2

Because we were only walking a section of it, they took both cars out.

Driving and leaving a car at the end, to then drive the second back to the start to walk to the first car and drive to collect the second car and then home. That took me too many attempts to write but you get the idea.

1 - Parents, Wolds Way-3

This is the moment Dad realised he’d left the end cars keys safely in the car back at the start.

1 - Parents, Wolds Way-4

Dad walked back to the car, to drive to the end so that me and mum carried on and he’d walk towards us… Writing this walk down just sounds fucking ridiculous.

1 - Parents, Wolds Way-5

The day after I caught the bus through to Robyn’s and we drove to Saltwick Nab.

2 - Robyn, Saltwick Nab-3

This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a seal in the wild and I can confirm they’ve got a pretty good growl on them.

2 - Robyn, Saltwick Nab-2

Saltwick Nab felt/looked like we were on another planet, and I barefooted my way around for the couple of hours we were there.

2 - Robyn, Saltwick Nab-12 - Robyn, Saltwick Nab-42 - Robyn, Saltwick Nab-5

I hadn’t vlogged in a fair while, and I’d left my vlog camera back in Penrith by mistake. But I forced myself to do something. You can view it here if divvy hippy vloggers are your kinda thing as I spend the last 3 minutes just walking around barefoot and touching things that make nice sounds.

The following day Dad asked if I wanted to go out for a ‘quick’ walk. This naturally turned into a 9 mile walk because I apparently hadn’t walked enough this week so far.

3 - Walk with Dad-13 - Walk with Dad-2

The highlight was walking through a field of cows and their calves that gathered behind us and followed us once we were through them, just as we noticed a bull walking to block off the gate we were supposed to exit through.


3 - Walk with Dad-3

We survived, incase you reading this blog doesn’t make that clear enough for you.

3 - Walk with Dad-4

Dad was working the following day and Mum took the day off ’cause it was her birthday so we headed through to York for a walk around the city wall.

4 - Walk with Mum-1

I’ve not actually walked around the entire wall before. So that was something new.

4 - Walk with Mum-24 - Walk with Mum-34 - Walk with Mum-4

Due to her severe allergies, I can’t remember the last time I was in Pizza Hut with mum. So it was pretty mad to be able to go in and have a vegan pizza.

It’s all well and good people taking the piss out of veganism because it’s this new ‘hip’ thing, but those people look stupid real quick when it means others are more comfortably able to go to restaurants and actually eat food without fear of ending up in hospital or dying on the fucking spot. Hip or not, it’s great that these things are being taken more seriously.

4 - Walk with Mum-5

In my isolation the day after I had no one to hang out with and no one to photograph. I also didn’t really want to take photos but also felt like I should try and do something so I tuned the camera on myself for a change.

I fired off this quick self portrait, posted it to twitter and mentioned how I’m taking a bunch of time out and just walking and eating a ton of veg and am slowly feeling better, despite still being a haggard mess outside.

5 - Me

Miriam commented on it:

“It’s photographic evidence that those two are one in the same & co-exist even on the crappy days & internally feels like taking a step towards the best version of yourself.”

and I really dug that.

The weekend saw Malton Food Festival and I headed there with my parents. There was way too many humans for me to even begin to want to tolerate, so I patched it early and headed to see my friends Jemma & Jake instead.

6 - Malton with Jemma-1

As I’ve been away I haven’t seen or heard from Jemma much at all since John – her Dad – died of cancer a few months ago. She’s gotten herself a lovely new dog, and so I guess she’s been busy training Katie and just generally cracking on and getting shit done with her family after I last saw her at the funeral.

The Jemma I knew a few years ago would not have managed this at all, and on top of it all she’s also going to be working as a carer soon because apparently there’s nothing she can’t handle right now.

6 - Malton with Jemma-3

Jemma’s three kids are all full-on in their own individual ways, but being around them is mostly effortless. The chaos did my head good. Here’s Emily posing for a photo in the sun, while Ally and Jacob managed to avoid my camera this time.

6 - Malton with Jemma-4

Saying that, Jacob was enthusiastic to use my camera. I think he fired off about 50 photos – and even though this entire photo is out of focus I love it.

6 - Malton with Jemma-5

One more of Katie because just. look. at. her.

6 - Malton with Jemma-2

Finally, yesterday, I met up with Robyn again. She was watching people fly kites in Scarborough, and we arranged to meet later in the afternoon once I’d gotten back from Malton.

We drove up to Broxa, let the dogs out, and checked out the views.

7 - Robyn, Broxa-1

I’d never made it to Broxa before, and the ants up here were actually massive. I didn’t take a photograph of them directly, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if theres a couple visible in the photo below.

7 - Robyn, Broxa-2

This was the second time I’d seen an Adder in the wild. The first was years ago, I was walking through some pretty tall grass and an adult one went straight over my foot.

This is only a baby, sadly it was dead. But we’re going to find more this summer.

7 - Robyn, Broxa-3

The walk ended watching Adam leap enthusiastically through some fields.

7 - Robyn, Broxa-4

If you made it this far, that’s rad.

I’m back in Scarborough for a while. I’ve got a plan that I’m putting into place, and it’s gonna take a little while. So if you want to hire me for anything photo related I am absolutely game. Just drop me a message! I may take a day or two to respond though, ’cause even though I’m feeling a little better now I’m also taking care not to burn myself out quite so soon. Those of you who have gotten in touch with me, I will be responding shortly!

1 thought on “Walking my brain back together.

  1. It was worth reading to the end! Key word I think is “walk” lol!! You make me feel knackered just reading about it. I really like the self portrait with white box (don’t know why, just do). Not that your other stuff isn’t good – it is!!

    Now I’m thinking..I too need to update my blog so my 3 followers will read it!!

    Keep shooting and typing Lee!!

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