Photo Tour pt.8: Hitching to Keswick (The Lake District, part 1)

Hitchhiking tour with JAZZebell_ heading to the Lake District photographer Lee Jones radiomoths

We parted ways with Adrian and took a walk out of Carlisle. It was fucking hot, and carrying all our shit wasn’t my idea of fun.

Lakes pt1-2

After about 35 minutes of walking we were picked up by a lorry driver and he took us to Cockermouth which meant we’d covered the majority of our journey. He gifted us an extra bottle of water, left us by the roadside and drove off.

Lakes pt1-3

We were waiting literally a few minutes before some wild couple with dreads stopped to pick us up in their 18 year old car. The weather was clearly on our side as they said they didn’t want to leave us walking with all the gear we had. Given that I am absolutely terrible in hot weather I was not gonna complain at that.

Their car seemingly wasn’t capable of pumping out cold air, and their windows up front were knackered so ours were open and it made it virtually impossible for me to understand anything anyone was saying for the rest of the journey ‘cause the wind was so loud and it felt violent in my ears. At least I wasn’t hot anymore.

They were good people, and said if they saw us about in the Lakes again they’d pick us up for sure.

Lakes pt1-4

We were dropped off by a pub in the centre and later it turned out that Mathis, our host, lived directly opposite. While we waited for him to get back to us we took a walk to Kat’s Kitchen – a wee vegan/veggie spot for food – which was so good we headed there a couple of days later for one of the best vegan breakfasts I’ve ever had. Once we dropped our belongings off with Mathis he suggested a walk for us to check the area out. It was a walk up Latrigg for a view over the town. He had a few things on himself, so stayed in, and we unfortunately didn’t get to hang out with him all that much because he was busy with work.

Lakes pt1-8

The walk up wasn’t all that bad until Jazz insisted going off the path to just walk directly up the hill. In that heat I swear my lungs almost straight up fucking exploded, and I’m fairly sure this is how I messed up my back.

The photos don’t show how steep it was.

Lakes pt1-6Lakes pt1-7
Lakes pt1-5

It’s mad beautiful around the Lakes but I’m no landscape photographer so you’ll just have to deal with my terrible attempts at scenic photography with some consolation boobs.

DSCF8151Lakes pt1-9Lakes pt1-10

Mathis didn’t have WiFi in his flat so in order for us to try and arrange work we spent some time in the pub opposite. I’m not a fan of Wetherspoons as such, but their buildings are typically pretty interesting (this one was an old court house and jail) and you can buy a cup of tea for like a quid with unlimited re-fills… so it kinda made sense to use it.

Besides, the lack of WiFi wasn’t exactly a bad thing. As we got to spend a ton of time outside and the evening we walked to the lake was one of my favourites.

Lakes pt1-14Lakes pt1-15Lakes pt1-16Lakes pt1-13Lakes pt1-12Lakes pt1-17

On the last day we checked out The Puzzling Place at the recommendation of my pal Dan back home. It was pretty mind bending, and there was a room that disorientated me so much I actually felt a combination of drunk and sick and that’s generally not something that gets to me.

Lakes pt1-21

The mirror near the entrance was so obvious but I still loved making dumb faces in it.

Lakes pt1-18

Lakes pt1-19Lakes pt1-20Lakes pt1-22

As the weather was generally pretty good and Jazz didn’t have too much work on, we decided to take an extra few days, buy a tent, and walk through the Lakes.

Lakes pt1-11

Next stop, wild camping in the Lakes!

If you’re following this hitchhiking adventure you can access all the photos so far on my B-Sides blog available through Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription grants instant access to 4,250+ photos and means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Photo Tour pt.8: Hitching to Keswick (The Lake District, part 1)

  1. Loving your journey record Bud. Without repeating myself on my comments (great pics – which they are! Etc etc) please consider it a 👍🏻.

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