Photo Tour pt.6: Hitching to Carlisle

We were supposed to check out of the hostel at like 10:30 and I’ve started this sentence like we were massively late when in fact we were out by 10:36 so yeah considering I’m travelling with Jazz that’s like a record or something. We grabbed some cardboard from the Lidl next door and headed to the Clyde to write Carlisle on it.


The weather was the best we’ve had for hitching so far, and the past few times we’ve been waiting mostly in the rain for an hour or two before getting picked up so the prospect of waiting around for ages in the sun wasn’t the worst thing in the world.


We walked south of the Clyde to where the road joins the M74 in the hope to catch either some local heading out of the city, or someone joining the M74 from the M8 to continue south.

Swear to god we were waiting like two minutes before this guy pulls up in a fancy car and tells us to hop in. He pulled in with an eagerness that made our day. His name is Jay.

Jay was only up in Glasgow for work the day before, and he works in renewable energy and he’s all about these wind-turbines and solar power stuff. He told us how his other work colleagues would just make the journey by flying, but he doesn’t see the point when he can just take the day out and drive up at his own pace, enjoying the scenery and stopping off at interesting places and visiting friends along the way.


Jay was rad, and talked the majority of the journey which made it super easy for us. Not that he did *all* the talking, he was just keen to have a chat and we had a laugh. His attitude was a breath of fresh air to be honest, he regularly picks up hitchers, and he shared stories about his family and his partying days and how he performed Nirvana songs in some bar in Thailand at the insistence of the venues owner despite never playing drums in front of anyone before.


He was travelling back home to Luton but insisted on dropping us off in the centre of Carlisle. He helped us get our stuff out the car and we said our goodbyes and he left.

As far as my own experiences go so far, Jay has set the new benchmark.


I started a Humans We Meet instagram account dedicated to folk like Jay that we come across on our travels. So if instagram is your thing then give us a follow, we’ll be sharing more faces in our feed but also bits of our travels in our stories too.

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