Photo Tour pt.5: Glasgow

We stayed in Glasgow just over two weeks and that included a couple of trips out to Dundee for work. To write about it all would be too long of a post and I’m also kinda behind anyway… So I guess I’ll just revisit a few things a little more extensively at a later date. So yeah, this isn’t in total order but that shouldn’t matter too much.


We arrived in Glasgow on Friday evening to our pal Heather’s as she kindly put us up for the night. We dropped off us stuff and headed straight to Cathouse as I was working that night. I ended up working there a couple of nights while back. It was rad to be back and good to see that not everyone had forgotten me!


It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in, I always appreciate taking photos in there. It’s a good break from the daily stuff.


We managed to sofa surf the majority of our time in Glasgow and only resorted to a couple of nights in a cheap hostel, so a massive thanks goes out to our buddies Heather, Sam, Emma, Emily, and Rebecca for putting us up! We unfortunately didn’t get to hang with as many people as we wanted to, and the people we did it was all to brief, but I’m planning on spending a bunch more time back in Glasgow in the not too distant future, and I can’t wait.


After not getting the shoot he wanted in Edinburgh, Grant actually drove out from Edinburgh to shoot Jazz on location. Grant admitted that with being on location and not in the studio he was well out of his comfort zone, but I think the push to do his type of photographs in a different setting did him good. I’m hella anxious myself, so know all too well that it’s easy to get roped into the nonsensical ways that anxiety presents itself. Either way, he got out there and fucking did it.


As I mentioned earlier, we spent a couple of days out Dundee way. The first trip was to meet with a photographer known as Calandra as he was shooting a duo set with Jazz and a rad model called Aurora Violet. She’s fucking lovely, and it was rad to hang out and shoot them both together. I got a pretty neat polaroid of them but I can’t scan that right now.

dundee aurora

I was hoping to catch Aurora again before we left, but it didn’t work out – So hopefully we’ll bump into each other some other time!

Our second time back to Dundee was for a day session with Scott Nicoll.

dundee scottDSCF5242

When I was living in Glasgow and working regularly in Catty, I’d bump into people who’d be game for meeting up and taking photos. A couple of people I missed before I moved away was Rebecca and Chloe. Fortunately they were both free this time and I got take an afternoon out to hang with each of them.


I’ve got a tendency to check out carparks in the cities I visit, and me and Jazz headed up one just off Sauchiehall Street before I was away to meet with Stephen for a catch up over a few drinks and a wee portrait session.


The man himself.

Stephen Lens-3Stephen Lens-7

I grabbed a portrait of him using his ridiculous Canon f0.75 50mm XI lens.


Toward the end of our stay in Glasgow, we headed out to Hamilton to spend a few nights with Rebecca and her partner Andy.

Rebecca is a model herself, and so we spent a little time doing a couple of duo shoots. The first was a water fight and the second was unplanned but as they both needed a shower after the fight we figured we may as well. I’m kinda productive when I need to be.


We shot the photos for publication, but I’ve included a shit ton of b-sides from the two shoots over on Patreon. So go look at them right now.


I know I’ve missed a few things out but this is getting overly long and I’m almost certain you’re all bored to death of this so I’ll revisit some stuff at a later date and post more photos then…

Up next, Carlisle!

If you’re following this hitchhiking adventure, you can access all the photos so far on my B-Sides blog available through Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription grants instant access to 4,000+ photos and means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!



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