Photo Tour pt.4: Mods vs Rockers vs Hippies, Edinburgh

I have an odd relationship with Edinburgh. The relentless tourism drives me insane, and while the architecture is beautiful, it’s just like York on steroids. And filled with even more wankers.

I don’t hate the place, I just dislike it. Sort of playfully, and sort of not. I enjoy being there but I enjoy not being there more – Maybe I’ve just been spoiled with the time I’ve lived in Glasgow.

I mean, Edinburgh really offers some incredible views…


Right, so we hitched to Edinburgh. We were picked up on the outskirts by Grant, our host for the next three nights. He replied to Jazz’s tour plans and offered us a place to crash in exchange for a shoot and he’d even gone all out and arranged a networking night for a few models and photographers to gather at his home studio. Neat.

Grant’s in his early fifties, he’s generous, abrasive, and in yer face – which is mostly playful. He’s a mod, and us arriving in our hippy get up amused him. He also noted that there was gonna be a “couple of rockers” at the party too, and he wondered who’d win out of us if we all had a fight.

I do have some photos to post from the party, but that’s going to be a separate post in a day or so…



Grant lives close to the centre, and that made it easy for me and Jazz to explore a little so the following morning we took a few photos in the morning light beaming through the red curtains then took a walk and grabbed some breakfast as we decided to walk up Arthur’s Seat.


The original plan was to go to the actual top, but the people put us off so we opted for a quieter spot en route and hung out with some crows and ate sweets while overlooking Dunsapie Loch instead.


There was no one around so we took the opportunity to shoot a set of photos for our premium Patreon accounts and AliumCult who I’ve recently started taking photographs for. I’ll be writing a separate blog about that with a few preview photos in, but you could just go and sign up to Patreon now and get access to it all.


Jazz had a few shoots lined up with different photographers in Grant’s studio, and I hung around to take some photos of those as they happened. The shoots were very straight forward, and the photographers were respectful which made a change to the last photographer that Jazz turned down in Gateshead just a couple days prior.

Even though nothing bad happened in Gateshead, just the slightest negative experience can really put a dampener on shoots going forward and can take a while to recover from.


That said, the photographers I hear got some great photos and were happy with Jazz, and I was happy to not be politely hanging around with a conveyor belt of factory set weirdos.


On the last day we took a walk into the centre and I lost my bank card somewhere which I’m sure would be a problem if I had money.


A friend of Grant had lent us a couple of membership passes so we could get up and into the castle for free. I’ve been up that way a handful of times and have never fancied paying to get in to something that largely doesn’t interest me – Nothing against the castle, I’ve just never been one for walking slowly behind tourists looking at and reading things in turn.

I think it’s way too easy to take things like this for granted since it’s all around us, but as I’ve got a few friends from America now, their appreciation of old shit like this reminds me to at least try a little harder to appreciate it. So yeah, I tried.


It was definitely beautiful and I’m glad I finally got to see some of it.


Next stop, Glasgow!

If you’re following this hitchhiking adventure, you can access all the photos so far on my B-Sides blog available through Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription grants instant access to 4,000+ photos and means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

1 thought on “Photo Tour pt.4: Mods vs Rockers vs Hippies, Edinburgh

  1. As always…interesting chat from you!! I too have mixed feelings about “tourist” places. But these places must have “summat” about them eh? Otherwise tourists would be flocking to errr Grimsby (nothing against the place per se, but it’s not in the brochures much!)

    Enjoying following your and Jazz’s journey.

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