Photo Tour pt.2: Five Days in Newcastle

James dropped us off by the A19 to help our hitch, but we kicked around for an hour and didn’t get picked up. It was boiling hot, and we were carrying everything and wearing our coats and we ended up resorting to heading back into the centre to catch a direct bus to Newcastle as Jazz had a shoot arranged in Newcastle, and we didn’t want to be late. It was that hot I couldn’t even be bothered to grab my camera from my bag, so there’s no photos here.

On the bus the morning got worse ’cause we had a last minute bust up with the booking agent for the apartment we had secured and that left us with nowhere to stay. Between that and not wanting to be late, we opted to just spend the same amount of money on a hotel for the full four nights instead of two and have it all dealt with so we weren’t stressing. It wasn’t ideal, but also not too many photographers are booking models at the moment apparently, so losing the apartment wasn’t the end of the day.

Just one of those things.


We met Arrow Photographic, and he drove us along the river to take photos of Jazz for an hour. They shot by the river and then also under the A1 on the way back to the car. After having a photographer bail on Jazz in Middlesbrough, it was good to have something to go to plan. Fair to say we both felt better then.


The following morning we headed to The Journey, a veggie/vegan cafe just outside our hotel for food and I edited together a video that we put together to try and promote our hitching adventure somewhat. It’s kinda structureless meandering rambling, but hopefully people will be inclined to help hitchers out in future or even have a go themselves. Here’s the video:


Later that evening Jazz had a shoot in the hotel room with bynicphotography. Nic brought some lighting, and the room wasn’t massive so I ended up shooting wide with my Nikon to try and get some behind-the-scenes sort of photos while keeping out of the way.


Our third day in Newcastle my mental health plummeted and that’s in part to being in such close proximity almost 24/7 with the person you’re travelling with.


We hang together and chat shit together, shoot together and edit together, eat together and sleep together. It’s not too dissimilar to travelling with a band, really. That said, nothing bad has gone down – It’s just way too easy to misunderstand behaviours and get irritated at inane bullshit before inevitably laughing about it later in the day.


We finished the day with a visit to TGI Friday’s and we had a right feast, and bagged some free drinks due to us pretending it was my birthday. The waitress made me a crown of balloons and when we were presented with it she was asked by like 3 other tables to make another one. I think we inadvertently ruined her shift.


On the fourth day we kicked about and I shot a couple of sets with Jazz, and one of them includes the balloons from TGI Friday’s, and they’ll be appearing in full on my Patreon in the next day or so so go sign up right now. They’re pretty fun.


And that was it, I woke up the final day feeling terrible – To the point where I was so irrationally angry (about what, I couldn’t tell you) and I spent my last £1.50 on a smoothie and immediately threw it in the bin without drinking it. Fucking idiot. That resulted in working an entire day without food or drink, but it actually ended up being one of the best days of the tour so far…

We met Stephen, a photographer from the area, and he drove us out to a place called Cocken Wood to shoot Jazz on film. He had a ton of gear, and worked at a slow and calming pace which is exactly what we both needed to be honest. He came armed with coffee and pies, which was lovely of him.


After the shoot Stephen kindly drove us to an apartment we’d booked for the final night in Gateshead before heading to Edinburgh the day after.

Another photographer had gotten in touch with Jazz to shoot in the apartment for the evening. His communication was pretty poor and he turned up with a monopod and no visible camera, which was a bit weird. He took one look at the room and said it was too dark, so we’d just pop over to the abandoned building over the road instead…


Jazz started reeling off the different clothing options she had before he went “those blue stockings you have, leave everything else”. Ok, then. As a regular shooter of nude photos, I can easily recognise when someones awkward about asking for that, and this rang the alarm bells.

They climbed over the wall, and I hung back knowing I could get in if needed – she can handle herself. When he told her to get ready, instead of taking her clothes off she asked where his camera was. It was in his pocket. Now, Jazz lived with me and Jeffels for a good 6 months last year and is used to all our camera chat and has learned a lot about them, and she’s knows that small cameras aren’t automatically shit, but she also knows that when you ask questions and the photographer doesn’t know much about their camera, it’s time to leave. She cancelled the shoot right there and then.

Once he left, went to Toby’s Carvery down the road and stuffed us selves with a pile of roasted veggies and stuffing and gravy and then we rolled back and went to bed.

Next stop, Edinburgh!

If you dug these photos, I’m uploading full galleries of the tour as it progresses straight to my B-Sides blog available through Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription grants instant access to 3,250+ photos and means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Photo Tour pt.2: Five Days in Newcastle

  1. Some good and some not so good. That last photographer does sound a strange one mind….and..we’ve come across a few!! Glad it turned out well. Good luck with the rest of the tour.
    Keep up with this diary…really enjoying it.

  2. Lee, can you remove your commentary of the cancelled shoot as it is quite inaccurate and also my image from your blog. Jazz approached me about shooting that day, and said she liked my work. Communication from my end was fine (and all screenshotted if you want to see it). I had arranged an apartment shoot in the city centre of Newcastle, where I live, but the address I got was a room behind a pub, down a back street in Swalwell, on the outskirts of Gateshead, about five miles from Newcastle. Somewhere I’d think twice about getting my phone out, never mind a camera.

    We barely fitted in the room and there was no natural light, it wasn’t possible to shoot there. I didn’t say any of the things you are attributing to me, as I understood that Jazz knew I only shoot nudes, that I only use lo-fi equipment, and she agreed to shoot in the abandoned building. I had also made it clear I was only shooting to keep my hand in, as I hadn’t done any work since New Year. When I asked Jazz what she wanted to know about the camera, she couldn’t tell me. You weren’t there, as you were standing behind a wall about twenty feet away, which I had twice offered to help you over, as you looked terrified, I thought you were scared of heights.

    I’m not bothered about the cancelled shoot, as you could probably tell by my reaction on the day. I could tell it wasn’t going to be great quite soon after arriving and was glad to save the £20 an hour. I afforded you every courtesy and wished you luck with the rest of your tour and you feel the need to publish this false account to sensationalise a complete non-event. I thought I was only dealing with one drama queen.

    1. Only just seen this, along with your tirade of nonsense on other internet profiles of mine.

      I will not be removing the photo, nor will I be retracting any of my account on what happened.

      I am just about to head to bed, and have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, but rest assured I will be sure to post a follow up.

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