Photo Tour pt.1: Hitchhiking to Middlesbrough

On Monday I left Scarborough along with JAZZebell_ as we decided to go on a hitch adventure.


The purpose really is to travel around so Jazz can work with photographers and so I can do my own thing and document the whole process, along with taking my own photos on the way.

The afternoon we left it was pissing it with rain, and to give us a little boost my mum dropped us both off in Pickering. We started walking toward Thirsk to then hopefully end up on the A19 to Middlesbrough where we’d planned to end up that night.


It took us maybe 25 minutes to get picked up, but by the time we were out of Pickering a couple stopped to pick us up. They told us about how they used to hitch back in the day, and still continue to pick up hitchers on the rare chance they see them. They were genuinely gutted they couldn’t take us further, and we were dropped off out in the rain about halfway to Thirsk. We carried on and it wasn’t long before another couple saw us and took pity. They said we looked miserable in the rain, but I know I was just doubting that an Audi driver would actually stop for us. I was wrong, and they were lovely.


That was it, we made it to Thirsk. We stepped into a pub, The Franklin Arms, and got a brew in front of the fire. The barman gave us some fresh cardboard, so we made a sign and got gone.


Leaving Thirsk took a while, as there was seemingly no one leaving and heading to Middlesbrough. After about 45/50 minutes a white van driver pulled up and told us to throw us stuff in the back and he’d take us up the road.

He took a great interest in a motorway serial rapist that he was telling us about, and also told us to stay armed. Even going as far as reaching into his pocket and pulling out a knife to show how convenient the small ones are. He complained that he couldn’t take us further than his work due to the vehicle being tracked, but also said that if we were in no rush he’d take us further in his own van.

We accepted and he didn’t get stabby.


In Middlesbrough we crashed with our pals Kirsty and James, and they were pretty much waiting with a vegan curry when we arrived. Banging!

Their house came complete with legit Vivaz signage (Vivaz, for those not from Scarborough, was the towns very own dark, sticky-floored rock club before it closed down along with pretty much everywhere else).


The following day we visited The Green Room on Kirsty’s recommendation and I had a vegan Parmo which fucking blew my mind to be quite honest, that and their banana and peanut butter milkshake was dynamite.


After that we headed back and got ready for a shoot that Jazz was booked for.


Except the photographer never showed, so we ended up taking a few photos ourselves. I haven’t done a proper shoot with Jazz yet on this trip, but we did get a couple of portraits with a makeshift ring-flash (thanks Chelsea!) thing that I had to hold in front of the camera.


Kirsty and James are both fucking lovely and it was great to hang our for the couple of days we were kicking about Middlesbrough. I sadly didn’t actually get to take any photos of them both, but we still hung out a bunch in between their house hunting and job prep!

Right, next stop – Newcastle!


If you dug these photos, I’ve just uploaded a couple of galleries to my B-Sides blog available through Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription grants instant access to 3,000+ photos and means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Photo Tour pt.1: Hitchhiking to Middlesbrough

  1. Canny blog …as per!! Following with interest of course.

    1. Thanks John – Sorry not been replying too much, bloody exhausting trying to keep up with everything that’s happening and supposed to be happening!

      1. You are touring with Jazz….I understand!!!

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