Manchester Apartment shoot with Ruby

After my two days in Liverpool I was ready for home but as I was preparing to leave Ruby got in touch and said she was game for a shoot if ever I was in Manchester, which happened to be on my way back.

I hadn’t actually met Ruby before so I obviously jumped off the bus in Manchester to meet her and we headed straight back to her apartment to hang out and shoot some photos.

Ruby, Manchester-1Ruby, Manchester-10Ruby, Manchester-44

Sometimes I find it kinda funny when people are hesitant to shoot in their own space surrounded by things familiar to them, but it’s things like this that contribute to making the shoots their own thing. Making the most of what’s around – Like this ‘Give Way’ sign, which I’m sure wasn’t obtained during a drunken walk home…

Ruby, Manchester-22Ruby, Manchester-39

The heating was cranked and I swear I was gonna pass out at one point, so we went into the stairwell and I managed to be a functioning human again for like a minute.

Ruby, Manchester-54Ruby, Manchester-64

We couldn’t get onto the top floor roof, but we did climb onto the second floor roof via her bedroom window to shoot some photos, much to the interest of one of her neighbours who conveniently waited until we went back inside before sending a text…

Ruby, Manchester-66Ruby, Manchester-65Ruby, Manchester-71

Just over a couple of years ago I released a photo-zine called CVNTED based on my hometowns nightlife. Ruby told me her dad bought it when it was originally released, which is kinda nuts to think that it’s still being talked about and dare I say it actually enjoyed.

Definitely need to release the other zines I’ve got waiting in the wings.

Ruby, Manchester-78Ruby, Manchester-35Ruby, Manchester-151Ruby, Manchester-146Ruby, Manchester-99

We went into the bathroom to do some bath shots, but there was a huge shelf and mirror which took priority.

Ruby, Manchester-114Ruby, Manchester-109Ruby, Manchester-120Ruby, Manchester-127Ruby, Manchester-130

Before we shot any of these photos, Ruby mentioned our notably different editing styles as she’s prone to a little ‘photoshopping’ of herself, whereas my editing is mostly exposure, contrast, and basic colour adjustment because I just don’t have the time or desire to fuck about with someone else’s body in that way.

Ruby, Manchester-102

We agreed that I’d send her the photos to do with as she likes but at the same time I’d hope she’d dig the photos enough to see that photoshop don’t need to be a thing.

Taking photos like this on a whim in new places in exchange for some food to eat and a place to crash is something I’ll never complain about. So if yer reading this and wanna hang out, get in touch!

If you dug these photos, I’ve uploaded all 174 exclusively to my B-Sides blog available through Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription grants instant access to over 2,800+ photos and means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

1 thought on “Manchester Apartment shoot with Ruby

  1. Great shoot. Looks like you both enjoyed doing it…always a bonus. It looked very spontaneous. Bathroom shots are brilliant.

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