The One With All The Dog Walking

I’m out on the regular with Robyn and I take a lot of photos, but as I never got chance to post the last lot here’s a two-in-one sorta deal. Besides, looking at photos of dogs is hardly the worst thing in the world.

On Saturday morning Robyn asked if I wanted to go out with the dogs. I was supposed to be charging my spare batteries as I was working the evening so had to turn it down, but shortly after that the power to the village went out and so I was stuck in doors not doing anything. I guess I just had to go out then. So out she came with her dogs, complete with pyjamas.

Robyn, Sherburn-3
Robyn, Sherburn-6

We headed up the hill behind my house (swear to god I’ve been up that hill more times this past week than I have the past few years) to find some of the deeper snow.

Falling over plenty on the way.

Robyn, Sherburn-10Robyn, Sherburn-16

Adam was loving it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier looking dog.

Robyn, Sherburn-22

Once we got to the top, my mum showed up with my brother and nephew.

Robyn, Sherburn-24

We left them sledging and went diving in the snow.

Robyn, Sherburn-25

Full on glasses imprint.

Robyn, Sherburn-28Robyn, Sherburn-31Robyn, Sherburn-29

On our way back we saw three or four deer run across the field, and I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen deer up there. I was so surprised I just watched and didn’t think to grab my camera until it was too late. But if you imagine deer running across this photo then you’re about there.

Robyn, Sherburn-40Robyn, Sherburn-42Robyn, Sherburn-44Robyn, Sherburn-45

Over the rest of the weekend, the rain came and melted away all the snow.

This morning I got another message. Dog walk? Yep.

I’m actually busy working on a pretty cool video project right now but figured that taking a couple of hours out to actually use my legs wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world so I took the bus through to Scarborough and we jumped in the car and headed out.

We were both pretty gutted about there being no more snow and then we found this on the way to Dalby Forest.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-1

Adam took lead.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-4

I took so many photos of trees this time it’s kinda ridiculous but then that’s also a ridiculous thing to complain about as I was walking in a forest.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-7Robyn, Dalby Forest-12Robyn, Dalby Forest-9

Figuring out the route.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-14

Not something you’d expect to find deep in a forest.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-25

Adam had trouble walking on the ice.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-30

But Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby managed it with no hassle.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-35

The trees in this photo were huge. I couldn’t stand far enough away to get them in frame as I’d only taken my 35mm lens out with me.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-40Robyn, Dalby Forest-42

We walked for a good couple of hours, with no real route planned other than an occasional “yeah, let’s go down here”. We eventually completed a loop, got our shit together and headed back home.

We’ll undoubtedly be out again soon.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-49

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