Rainbows in The Snow (and Storm Emma) with JAZZebell_

I hate having photos edited and not being able to share them right away because I like to just get things done before I forget about them, but I also didn’t want to just immediately spam post two blogs of pretty similar content last week.

Anyway, last week when JAZZebell_ came to visit we shot a couple of sets – The first was in the middle of an actual snowstorm which I posted here, and this one which was the morning/afternoon after. We got up, had a brew and a crumpet and got gone up the hill just behind the house.

It was still minus degrees but was also significantly warmer than the night before which meant we managed to actually shoot for a whole 8 minutes before bailing on the idea.

JAZZebell_ in the snow as Storm Emma hit Scarborough by photographer Lee Jones

We’d taken a flask filled with tea but we only thought to drink it once we got back, so as well as taking a ton of photos we’re both real into we also took a brew out for a 2 mile walk. As you do.

rainbows in the snow-2

Right, here’s a selection of them. Some get pretty naked so if yer in a place where that’s frowned upon then that’s on you – Stop reporting my photos/videos.

rainbows in the snow-3rainbows in the snow-4rainbows in the snow-5rainbows in the snow-6rainbows in the snow-7rainbows in the snow-8rainbows in the snow-9rainbows in the snow-10rainbows in the snow-11rainbows in the snow-12rainbows in the snow-13rainbows in the snow-14rainbows in the snow-15rainbows in the snow-16

I’ve just made the full set of 55 photos available right here.

Also here’s a pretty terribly shot video featuring some behind the scenes shit from both shoots along with photos incase your eyes weren’t working while scrolling down this blog.


If you dug these photos, you can access exclusive content like this on my B-Sides blog available through Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

Also, go follow JAZZebell_ on Instagram and Patreon.

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