JAZZebell_ in a snowstorm

JAZZebell_ came to visit for a couple of days and that just so happened to coincide with England being hit by The Beast from The East (still a ridiculous name for a storm, but I’m still gonna use it).

It’s brought a shit-ton of snow, and JAZZebell_ also wanted to take a shit-ton of photos. So last night she dragged me out in the dark, in -4°C (with a windchill of -13°C) to do just that. I think we were taking photos for about 4 minutes before we couldn’t cope with it any longer.

By the time our eyes adjusted to the dark, we realised we were taking photos right next to a lorry that was parked up for the night in full sight of the driver, so I’m not quite sure what he thought of that, especially when the massive fish came out.

The shoot was kind of a disaster in that it was so dark that focusing was difficult and also there was no way for me to compose the photographs so I pretty much shot blind. Either way, it was dumb and a lot of fun so fuck it here’s the photos.

JAZZebell_ in beast from the east snowstorm in england by photographer lee jonesDSCF1385DSCF1388DSCF1393DSCF1401

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2 thoughts on “JAZZebell_ in a snowstorm

  1. Crackers!! The pair of you.

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