I punched The Beast from The East so hard I cut my hand open

Yesterday I headed into Scarborough to film some promo for Mister Jim and The Fuzz Junkies. We finished up early afternoon, and so I got to go and meet Robyn.

As it was freezing cold, the logical thing for us to do grab a slush puppy and sit by the sea.

Beast from The East-1

Super charged on porno-slush we grabbed some dogs (Robyn’s dogs, we haven’t resorted to dognapping yet) and took a drive to Filey and walked along the Brigg to welcome in the ‘Beast from the East’ (which, by the way, is the lamest name for a storm).

Beast from The East-2

The photos don’t look particularly wild, but it was cold as balls. I’m used to walking about with no coat, but along with a coat I was even wearing a scarf.

Beast from The East-4

Somewhere along the way we found some icicles and I cut my hand.

Beast from The East-7Beast from The East-8

The plus side to being so cold that my hands were numb was that it didn’t hurt as I didn’t notice I’d cut myself.

Beast from The East-12

We went as far out on the Brigg as we could.

Beast from The East-9Beast from The East-15Beast from The East-17

By this point I don’t think Robyn could feel her body at all and decided to just sit in the cold and wet because why the fuck not.

Beast from The East-20

I’ve been out here before, but never realised you could see Scarborough.

The view from the edge was beautiful.

Beast from The East-22

It started getting real dark, real quick. So we got outta there pretty sharpish.

Beast from The East-23

I got home and had a pretty early night. I didn’t think anything else would come from it, as we’re used to severe weather warnings and getting absolutely naff all.

So waking up this morning to actual snow was a pleasant surprise.


2 thoughts on “I punched The Beast from The East so hard I cut my hand open

  1. HaHa, fists with your toes, lol xx are you out with nothing on with your because you were jealous of me putting Jamie out with nothing on his feet. Such a cruel ma xx

  2. Only you could turn a walk into a horror story!! Nice pics!

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