Prague: Day trip to Kutná Hora

Me and Desi took off to Kutná Hora for the afternoon.

Kutna Hora-3

The train interior was beige and tan. It felt like I was riding a hospital waiting room.

Kutna Hora-5

It almost feels strange being able to afford transport in other countries.

I think the return train (a round trip of nearly 100 miles) cost me in the region of £5. Comparing that to England, where my single train back from Gatwick into London, which took all of 30 minutes, cost me £20.

It made for a nice change, being able to travel somewhere AND afford to eat while there.

Kutna Hora-9Kutna Hora-16

We headed to the bone church (Sedlec Ossuary) which displays the bones of 40-70,000 people. Desi stayed outside. She’d been once or twice before, and said that’s enough for her.

Kutna Hora-17Kutna Hora-36

Once inside I understood why.

Kutna Hora-24

Truth be told, I can’t comprehend the scale of it. Despite knowing it was awful, I felt nothing. I think I kind of just shut off, and looking at the photos now I still can’t process it properly.

It messes with your head, so I’m not surprised Desi waited for me in a coffee shop.

Kutna Hora-31

Kutná Hora is a city east of Prague, though it feels more like a small town.

Kutna Hora-43Kutna Hora-44

Admittedly, not all small towns host gargantuan motherfuckers like this. So I guess it is a city.

Kutna Hora-39Kutna Hora-49

I should probably have written more about this place, but I’m a shit tourist. I just wander around quietly and generally avoid checking the more obvious things out. So yeah, we took a wander back through the city, grabbed some food, hopped on a small train back to the main train, and got gone.

Kutna Hora-54

1 thought on “Prague: Day trip to Kutná Hora

  1. Nice overview. Some really good images too. Yeah..those bones would creep me too!!

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