Prague: Zackarias Branzell

A particularly cool thing about crashing in a theatre space is that I get to scope out the performances, and last night I caught Zackarias Branzell’s standup show as his tour stopped off in Prague.

Zackarias Branzell-4Zackarias Branzell at The ACT Prague by Photographer Lee Jones

I feel like it’s a while since I took some photos of a performance. So I grabbed my camera, ate way too many wasabi peas, and drank a few beers.

Zackarias accidentally convinced everyone he was vegan, and then walked in on me taking a piss later in the night. He’s just left and is currently touring, so go check his page out to see where he’s heading.

Zackarias Branzell-12Zackarias Branzell-15Zackarias Branzell-19Zackarias Branzell-22

Tonight there’s some Burlesque performances happening, and as far as I’m aware Des is getting involved so I’ll undoubtedly end up taking photos again.

I didn’t plan on posting blogs while I’m here, but either way I’m dumping way more photos as I go along to my B-Sides blog which you can access here for $7.50.

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