Crashing Drones with Sarah

Yesterday I headed back into Scarborough to meet Sarah and we actually filmed content for a video she wanted making and some of the footage I was able to use to make a pretty dumb vlog with for my YouTube channel so you can view that at the bottom of this post.

I was also supposed to meet up with Robyn again and we were gonna go for another dog walk but she was called into work and by the time she’d finished the tide was well in so I think we’re gonna do something on Saturday instead.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-3

Yay Coffee was our first stop, for a couple of drinks and to assemble the drone.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-7
Sarah Wood, Scarborough-6Sarah Wood, Scarborough-8

Assembly was pretty self-explanatory, though we did nothing but crash it continuously. Maybe the instructions wouldn’t have been too bad an bad idea.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-9Sarah Wood, Scarborough-10

After a few crashes we ended up looking after Codie on the beach and also grabbed some chips and played a few games in the amusements.

Sarah Wood, Scarborough-15
Sarah Wood, Scarborough-16

I haven’t got a whole load of writing for this blog – and didn’t take too many photos anyway as I was mostly videoing stuff for Sarah – but it’s early and I’m tired and I need to do a few things today like change my doctors and that so I’ll sign off by leaving a video from the day instead and you can see exactly how terrible we are at flying drones.


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