Rebel Radics at Indigo Alley

I’ve been meaning to meet up with my pal Sarah as we’re supposed to be filming for some project together, and I headed into town on Saturday to see her with a couple of cameras figuring that that’d be exactly what I’d be up to.

Turns out our next stop was the pub, and while I guess that should have been somewhat predictable my keeping on top of messages lately has been rubbish so I likely missed key details of the plans.

Rebel Radics-1

I was pretty skint, so we opted to head straight to Indigo Alley rather than crawl along the numerous pubs on the way.

As soon as I got to the doorway I heard a dub echo from the soundsystem and just knew Dan was behind it. I’ve not seen Dan in a fair while, and it was rad to see he’s still well on with Rebel Radics.

He didn’t have his full set up, but the bass was still hard.

Rebel Radics-5Rebel Radics-14

There were a ton of balloons about and collection boxes for Alzheimer’s Research. I know Sarah is doing the Guatemala Spires of Fire trek for it, which involves trekking for 7 days over 5 live volcanoes and summiting the highest peak in Central America. Pretty mad.

Sarah is 94% funded, so if you have any spare change please drop some here.

Rebel Radics-12
Rebel Radics-30Rebel Radics-31Rebel Radics-29

Dan and Atticus bounced off each other, and both sets were great.

Rebel Radics-6Rebel Radics-24Rebel Radics-11Rebel Radics-20Rebel Radics-15Rebel Radics-26

Aside from one unfortunate incident later in the night, the event went down without a hitch. Shout out to the staff and punters for coming together to stand up to racism. A rad night was had by all.

I think I’m right in saying this will be a monthly thing? Either way, keep an eye on Indigo Alley and Rebel Radics Soundsystem Facebook pages for more event info!

Rebel Radics-4

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