Dog Walking in Dalby Forest with Robyn

I used to go to Dalby Forest a fair amount as a kid, which makes sense as it’s not even a 30 minute drive away from my parents. I don’t go up there nearly enough any more, and I can’t remember the last time I was there when it was snowing.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-63Robyn, Dalby Forest-8

Since moving back to Scarborough I’m managing to hang with some people I don’t see all that often anymore.

Robyn picked me up in town after she’d done her rounds picking up various dogs and drove us to Dalby. Considering the weather, we got there surprisingly fast – We joked that her car might not last very long.

A couple of days later she messaged me saying that it had died. Hmm.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-6Robyn, Dalby Forest-3

Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby…

Robyn, Dalby Forest-18

There were numerous failed attempts to jump on a few piles of snow, but this photo is a winner.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-2

As we walked on, phone signal soon became non-existent.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-28

I’ve just noticed I didn’t take any photos when the snow was proper deep. Some parts of the forest it was almost to my knee.

Adam had no problem running wild, though some of the smaller dogs ploughed on regardless. Except for one that kept temporarily shutting down.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-39Robyn, Dalby Forest-47
Robyn, Dalby Forest-57Robyn, Dalby Forest-56Robyn, Dalby Forest-20

I keep meaning to start up Humans of Scarborough again, and I think Robyn may be my first post.

Robyn basically grooms dogs for a living and walks and looks after them on her days off. She’s non-stop and is seemingly always out in the middle of nowhere just seeing stuff.

Robyn, Dalby Forest-34Robyn, Dalby Forest-43Robyn, Dalby Forest-55

We ended up walking aimlessly with no real idea where we were going except from we “might end up doing some sort of loop”. A few miles later, soaked, we finally did.
Robyn, Dalby Forest-53

Once back to the car, we drove back and stopped for a slush-puppy on the way because when you’re wet and cold after a walk in the snow the logical thing to eat is a cup of ice.

Saying that it was actually the best slush puppy I’ve ever eaten, so logic can get in the bin.


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