“Breastfeeding, it’s just weird.”

No it isn’t.

I’ve never understood the logic of people who have an issue with breastfeeding, be it public or otherwise.

The complaints and snide remarks about it I’ve heard before typically come from the same class of morons that type shit like “pure fanny” (yep, really) into google and end up gawping at the boobs I occasionally post on this blog.

Anyway, Heather got in touch with me through a pal and asked if I’d be ok with photographing her feeding her child as she liked the idea of me being a male and taking photographs of the process, and before I even had chanced to ask I was encouraged to share some photographs here.

That’s basically it, I hung out for a few hours in their home and took photos through a few feeds while the other kids roamed about doing their thing. It was rad just observing a family be a family with no judgements from the outside world.

Here’s some photos – I’ve left a lot of the photos out that aren’t related to the feeding – so I guess if you find these make you uncomfortable you should probably figure yourself out a bit.


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