NCP & The Lighthouse with Heather & Heather

My shoot with Clare was supposed to be my last in Glasgow before I left but I bumped into Heather and Heather in Cathouse on Saturday night and we made a loose drunken plan to get up the following afternoon and meet for a couple of hours before my train back to England.

I was ridiculously hungover, and tried to think of places we could shoot on the way in to meet them. The first place that sprung to mind was the car park I was with Omar in a few weeks back as it was minus 1 and the carpark was relatively sheltered.

We took a couple of headshots and then just wandered around before taking a walk to the Lighthouse after stopping for a much needed Irn Bru and a pasty on the way.

It was pretty busy up top of the Lighthouse, and some people saw what we were up to but, as I’ve found typical of Glasgow, didn’t bat an eye and rightfully so. I’m gonna miss that while I’m away.

We only took a few photos before I had to run for the train, and the journey was hell so I’m glad I got to hang with a couple of pals before I left. It made the day suck considerably less.

I’m pretty tired and can’t really think of much else to write just now so here’s some photos from the day and there’s a video at the bottom since I’m tryna get more content on my YouTube.

Heather & Heather-1Heather & Heather-2Heather & Heather-6Heather & Heather-3Heather & Heather-7Heather & Heather-12Heather & Heather-18Heather & Heather-19Heather & Heather-21Heather & Heather-23Heather & Heather-24Heather & Heather-28Heather & Heather-36

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