First shoot of 2018 with JAZZebell_ (…obviously)

I ended 2017 by moving flat 3 times in the space of 7 weeks, and right now after two weeks of that Christmas/New Year lark I’m gearing up to move for a 4th. Despite this, I’ve tried to not let it get to me too much and focused when I could on getting out and taking photos.

So in an attempt to keep on with the momentum that arrived in the back end of 2017, and despite being absurdly hungover, I stepped out of the flat with Jazz to shoot in the corridor on the 1st.

Granted, the shoot took all of five minutes, but at least we did something.

JAZZebell_, Corridor-1JAZZebell_, Corridor-2JAZZebell_, Corridor-3JAZZebell_, Corridor-4JAZZebell_, Corridor-5JAZZebell_, Corridor-6JAZZebell_, Corridor-7JAZZebell_, Corridor-8JAZZebell_, Corridor-9

I’m just gonna interrupt here to plug my Patreon page ’cause if you find yourself visiting my blog often and enjoy the photos I take then for $7.50 a month (for as long or short as you like), you can get access to a private blog with 1,500 photos (to date) in. I update it pretty regularly too.

Click here to see more about that (it’ll open in a new window).

JAZZebell_, Corridor-10JAZZebell_, Corridor-11JAZZebell_, Corridor-12JAZZebell_, Corridor-13JAZZebell_, Corridor-14JAZZebell_, Corridor-15JAZZebell_, Corridor-16JAZZebell_, Corridor-17JAZZebell_, Corridor-18

If you dug these photos, I’ve included some extras over on my B-Sides blog available through my Patreon for $7.50. Your subscription means I can fund new projects and afford to live in the process. Thanks!

Model: JAZZebell_
Check out her Patreon

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