Katy’s 21st.

On Saturday I headed to a surprise party that was arranged for Katy.

Everyone was told to turn up by 8:30 and I think everyone arrived by 9:30 which wasn’t actually that bad as Katy was later than expected anyway. So late that it felt like an entire mini-party before she even arrived.

Annoyingly I had to bounce before anything properly kicked off, as I had to get myself to a job that I was booked for. ScotRail broke down while I was en route meaning I couldn’t make it, and while that was kinda perfect because I wanted to join the party again, annoyed me just enough that in my half-drunk state I decided just to go and grab Chinese food and sulk instead.

Anyway, there’s a few photos here. I trust everyone spilled out into the Cathouse afterwards and got in a right fucking state, I’ll look forward to joining in next time. It’s not as though seeing these faces in there is a rarity or owt.


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