JAZZebell_ by the Clyde

My friend Emily has a rad tenth floor apartment by the clyde and when she moved in she told me I should go over some time and shoot some photos there.

The elevator up is pretty nice, as far as elevators go.

JAZZebell_ balcony-38
JAZZebell_ balcony-1

I went over with Jazz to shoot some more fashion-orientated stuff, and by that I mean photos where she didn’t end up naked which is admittedly pretty unusual for us.

Being on the balcony also made my ultra-wide come in handy, so I pretty much exclusively shot with that and I’m also quite into leaving the vignette on the photos right now.

JAZZebell_ balcony-3

Click below for a whole load more photos.

JAZZebell_ balcony-2JAZZebell_ balcony-4JAZZebell_ balcony-5JAZZebell_ balcony-6JAZZebell_ balcony-7JAZZebell_ balcony-8JAZZebell_ balcony-9JAZZebell_ balcony-10JAZZebell_ balcony-11JAZZebell_ balcony-12JAZZebell_ balcony-13JAZZebell_ balcony-14JAZZebell_ balcony-15JAZZebell_ balcony-16JAZZebell_ balcony-17JAZZebell_ balcony-18JAZZebell_ balcony-19JAZZebell_ balcony-20JAZZebell_ balcony-21JAZZebell_ balcony-22JAZZebell_ balcony-23JAZZebell_ balcony-24JAZZebell_ balcony-25JAZZebell_ balcony-26JAZZebell_ balcony-27JAZZebell_ balcony-28JAZZebell_ balcony-29JAZZebell_ balcony-30JAZZebell_ balcony-31JAZZebell_ balcony-32JAZZebell_ balcony-33JAZZebell_ balcony-34JAZZebell_ balcony-35JAZZebell_ balcony-36JAZZebell_ balcony-37JAZZebell_ balcony-39JAZZebell_ balcony-40

If you dug these photos, I’ll be posting more on my B-Sides Blog which can be accessed for $7.50 via my Patreon Page. If you check it out there’s also other rewards like having photo-prints and Instax delivered to your door each month. All funds directly help me complete projects and keep shooting photos.

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