Hats & Butterflies

It’s currently freshers week and the past couple of nights I’ve been in Cathouse doing party photography duties. Thursday I got to shoot Bury Tomorrow, and last night was a Disney Bar Crawl followed by shooting You Me At Six. I’ll link up some of those photos at a later date.

Freshers is always interesting; Meeting new faces that are gonna become familiar real quick.

Anyway, this morning I woke up with a heavy hangover and Jazz had a gone out for a shoot. She came back a few hours later and lifted up her top and showed me that she was covered in butterflies, so I grabbed my camera and we did a quick shoot.

The hat in these photos was knitted by my mum. She’s making her way through a mountain of wool she acquired from some dead persons house. So if you’re wanting a hat ready for winter, drop me a message and get your orders in. I think she’s charging £15 per hat and you can probably pick the colours, too.

I’ve been feeling shite about a lot of my photos lately, but this unplanned 5 minute set gave me the kick up the arse I desperately needed.

Or maybe I just need to shoot hungover more often again?


If you dug these photos, there’s some extras from this set and loads more on my B-Sides Blog which can be accessed for $7.50 via my Patreon Page. If you check it out there’s also other rewards like having photo-prints and Instax delivered to your door each month. All funds directly help me complete projects and keep shooting photos.

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