The Hunters.

I was originally planning on heading back to Glasgow on Wednesday, but Iain informed me of Jeanna’s birthday being on the Thursday and that she wanted to go to Go Ape. As I couldn’t afford the full return journey again so soon, I opted to stay a few extra nights because I wanted to throw myself out of trees and also didn’t want to miss his surprise proposal to Jeanna on the evening that he’d been planning online in a secret group chat for what feels like forever.

We arrived and all signed the necessary forms to clear Go Ape in the event of our deaths and headed through training.

I was taking around a little palm-sized video camera that I looped around my neck, but opted to leave my camera in the capable hands of Grace, as she came along to walk around and watch us from below.


I legit want to wear this harness everywhere I go – I felt prepared for anything.


None of us landed the first zip line properly on the first attempt.


In all honesty, I didn’t land any of them.


Jeanna was a nervous wreck around the majority of it, but she got stuck in and just ploughed on through – Absolutely nailed it.


The home stretch to bag our certificates before heading home for the surprise party.


Jeanna was upstairs getting ready while everyone snuck in and set up a wee buffet. My body had gone completely numb, I was seemingly more nervous about everything than what Iain was showing.


I think this is the last photo of Iain before he popped the question.


He effortlessly popped the question like a smooth motherfucker. It’s all in the video from the day at the bottom of this post. Though he didn’t tell Jeanna’s Dad his plans, so she called to fill him in over speakerphone.

He took it pretty well.

“Tosser!” is one of the words that springs to mind.


The evening ended with Pizza, as any decent goddamn day should.


Here’s a wee video from the day feat. dogs, cake, zip lines, and a proposal.


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