Headland Festival

I jumped on an early train from Glasgow after 2.5 hours sleep and headed to Scarborough as a few pals were kicking about for the first Headland Festival just up the coast and I wanted to get involved.

Check out the view from the camp.

Headland Festival-36Headland Festival-35

I’m not really one for festivals, but these sorts with pals are manageable enough for me to enjoy and it’s important to support happenings in yer local area. Turns out I enjoyed it a little too much though and ended up in a tent off my nut earlier than I would have liked.

Headland Festival-70

At some point I decided I should probably try and head home to recover and ended up in a field in the dead of night throwing up next to a horse that I didn’t know was there. I have a life long dislike of horses and my body is useless at throwing up, so the combination was pretty sobering.

The ride home was rough. I blame the sun and exhaustion. Alcohol definitely had no play in this…

Headland Festival-40

The following photos are in no particular order and are all over the place and a bit shitty but I ended up not taking nearly as many as I had wanted anyway, but the Festival was rad and it was great to hang out with pals for the relatively short time that I managed to spend there.

Roll on next year!

Headland Festival-1Headland Festival-2Headland Festival-3Headland Festival-4Headland Festival-5Headland Festival-6Headland Festival-7Headland Festival-8Headland Festival-9Headland Festival-10Headland Festival-11Headland Festival-12Headland Festival-13Headland Festival-14Headland Festival-15Headland Festival-16Headland Festival-17Headland Festival-18Headland Festival-19Headland Festival-20Headland Festival-21Headland Festival-22Headland Festival-23Headland Festival-24Headland Festival-25Headland Festival-26Headland Festival-27Headland Festival-28Headland Festival-29Headland Festival-30Headland Festival-31Headland Festival-32Headland Festival-33Headland Festival-34Headland Festival-37Headland Festival-38Headland Festival-39Headland Festival-41Headland Festival-42Headland Festival-43Headland Festival-44Headland Festival-45Headland Festival-46Headland Festival-47Headland Festival-48Headland Festival-49Headland Festival-50Headland Festival-51Headland Festival-52Headland Festival-53Headland Festival-54Headland Festival-55Headland Festival-56Headland Festival-57Headland Festival-58Headland Festival-59Headland Festival-60Headland Festival-61Headland Festival-62Headland Festival-63Headland Festival-64Headland Festival-65Headland Festival-66Headland Festival-67Headland Festival-68Headland Festival-69Headland Festival-71

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