Exploring St Peter’s Seminary with Amy

The end of August is rapidly approaching and I’m only just getting round to throwing up some photos from the end of May when I headed to Cardross with Amy to check out the abandoned St. Peter’s Seminary.

We jumped off the train and took a short walk up to it. The area was fenced off, but we got past that no problem. As we got nearer, we noticed a security presence. We literally took shelter in a bush and it was getting all cartoon-like until the man jumped in his car and drove off. We figured if he was on his lunch he’d be about an hour so risked it and just went ahead anyway.

It’s pretty miserable to think that buildings like this are just being left unused. Like, they look good in their abandoned state and that’s all fine and well for photos like this, but it really could be so much more. This seminary is one of only 42 post-war buildings in Scotland listed as Category A – The highest level of protection for a building of “special architectural or historic interest”.

I hate seeing buildings like this going forgotten.

St. Peter's Seminary-1St. Peter's Seminary-2St. Peter's Seminary-4St. Peter's Seminary-7St. Peter's Seminary-9St. Peter's Seminary-11St. Peter's Seminary-15St. Peter's Seminary-16St. Peter's Seminary-17St. Peter's Seminary-21St. Peter's Seminary-23St. Peter's Seminary-24St. Peter's Seminary-29St. Peter's Seminary-30St. Peter's Seminary-31St. Peter's Seminary-38St. Peter's Seminary-40St. Peter's Seminary-43St. Peter's Seminary-46St. Peter's Seminary-55St. Peter's Seminary-60St. Peter's Seminary-63St. Peter's Seminary-64

If you dug these photos, I’ll be putting a gallery of extra photos from this day onto my private blog and you can get access to that through my Patreon.

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