Birthday Cake with JAZZebell_

I have an insane backlog of blogs to write and photos to share and today I was actually going to post something from that, but Jazz had other plans and I’m not prepared to start ignoring a pal who wants to get naked and have me take photos.

It was Jazz’s birthday recently. I should be able to be more specific but she’s been excited for her birthday and shouting about it for the past two months and actually celebrating it the past 4 days so I don’t know what’s even real anymore. I think this shoot marks the end of it, and I think I kinda want a party myself to celebrate that it’s all over.

Anyway, I’ve just sat and sorted through the photos right now as Jazz is currently tidying up the living room. There’s 30 or so here, and later today (maybe tomorrow) I’ll be posting another 70 to my private blog that you can access here for $7.50.

JAZZebell_ Cake-1JAZZebell_ Cake-2JAZZebell_ Cake-3JAZZebell_ Cake-4JAZZebell_ Cake-5JAZZebell_ Cake-6JAZZebell_ Cake-7JAZZebell_ Cake-8JAZZebell_ Cake-9JAZZebell_ Cake-10JAZZebell_ Cake-11JAZZebell_ Cake-12JAZZebell_ Cake-13JAZZebell_ Cake-14JAZZebell_ Cake-15JAZZebell_ Cake-16JAZZebell_ Cake-17JAZZebell_ Cake-18JAZZebell_ Cake-19JAZZebell_ Cake-20JAZZebell_ Cake-21JAZZebell_ Cake-22JAZZebell_ Cake-23JAZZebell_ Cake-24JAZZebell_ Cake-25JAZZebell_ Cake-26JAZZebell_ Cake-27JAZZebell_ Cake-28JAZZebell_ Cake-29JAZZebell_ Cake-30

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