Katy & Nicola’s Flat Party and Cathouse

Last night I headed to Katy & Nicola’s new place for a few drinks. I was already rough as shit and wasn’t expecting to head out into Catty again, but then the shots and venom were handed out and basically I didn’t go home when I’d planned.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday have essentially been massive write-offs for me and I’m likely gonna be laying on my sofa recovering for the next day or so.

I try not to post too much nightlife stuff on this blog because that’s what Who Are These Fucking People is for but as these aren’t ‘work’ photos, and I was just hanging with friends and making the most of the 0.95 manual focus lens my pal Stephen has lent me for a wee bit, and I figured I’d share them because considering my state I’m quite into the photos.

So here they are.

Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-9Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-2Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-3Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-10Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-5Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-11Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-6Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-4Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-1Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-8Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-7Katy & Nicola Flat Warming-12Cathouse-10Cathouse-1Cathouse-12Cathouse-13Cathouse-25Cathouse-21Cathouse-22Cathouse-14Cathouse-15Cathouse-8Cathouse-9Cathouse-6Cathouse-7Cathouse-23Cathouse-17Cathouse-18Cathouse-11Cathouse-3Cathouse-16Cathouse-4Cathouse-19Cathouse-20Cathouse-26Cathouse-27Cathouse-2Cathouse-24Cathouse-28

3 thoughts on “Katy & Nicola’s Flat Party and Cathouse

  1. 0.95?? Wow. I didn’t know you could get an f stop as low as that. What lens is it?

    1. Elitar Soligor 25mm. Rarer than snow on Christmas Day, mind.

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