London: Waterloo with Alex

Late May, I flew down to London to perform hype duties for Stephen and his Unexpected Bowtie project at a Chiptune gig.

I’ll be posting more on that later, and this blog picks up from the morning after.

Alex, London-1Alex, London-2Alex, London-3

I left Stephen behind, and before heading back to Crawley for the evening I’d arranged to meet Alex who I hadn’t seen for an unreasonable amount of time.

I was almost completely broke, but managed to get across London to Waterloo.

Alex, London-4

The Sun was out in force. I actually thought Glasgow was hot for the time of year, but I was wrong – London was something else.

Alex, London-5

There’s some unusual bright orange benches dotted around, and I wanted to try them all out.

Alex, London-6

Unfortunately, a lot of ’em had children climbing on them and using them as slides and such. I wasn’t jealous, at all.

We mostly walked up the Thames a little, stopping off at various points along the way. I have a strange relationship with London. I like it, but not enough to want to be there for any more than a day or so. I think it’s the loneliest busy place I’ve ever visited. Doing the gig with Stephen, and also meeting up with Alex was a good distraction from that.

Alex, London-7Alex, London-8

We visited a pretty surreal pop-up competition within a Hilton ‘Holipod’. You basically had to go on a fake holiday and they took photos of you doing yer thing. Then the photos were all joined together and animated… it looked like the slow-mo bullet time thing in The Matrix.

I got a copy of the video, but I can’t get it to show on the blog. It will have to wait another day. Here’s Alex on the beach, taking instructions.

Alex, London-9Alex, London-10Alex, London-11

Our time was mostly spent walking around, lounging about, and chatting a lot. There was a bunch of catching up to be done in the relatively little time we had.

The following photos are just at spots near the Thames as we walked around.

Alex, London-12Alex, London-13Alex, London-14Alex, London-15Alex, London-16Alex, London-17Alex, London-18Alex, London-19Alex, London-20Alex, London-21Alex, London-22Alex, London-23Alex, London-24

We’d seen countless people doing very serious selfies, so here’s ours.

Alex, London-25Alex, London-26Alex, London-27Alex, London-28

Hopefully it won’t be quite so long before I can see her again.

Alex, London-29

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