Scarborough: Por Favor

I’ve a little catching up to do, so this is my first post of three from my time in Scarborough a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve entered a bit of a lull with party photos lately. I think the fact I’ve stopped drinking so much has become a huge part of that, and when you go at things with a more sober and ‘professional’ mindset, it gets stale real goddamn fast from my perspective.

I’m definitely due a blow out, I think…

That said, just over a month ago a friend of a friend got in touch with me about heading down to Scarborough to shoot a night they were putting on in a Brewery. It’s been a while since I’ve shot anything other than a rock club, so I jumped at the chance to do something a little different and arguably out of my comfort zone. Even if it did technically mean travelling to another country.

Por Favor-180Por Favor-143

My history within Scarborough’s nightlife scene undoubtedly riles some people up the wrong way, and in all honesty I know a lot of the people who’d quite enjoy seeing me put into hospital would be into this particular event.

That’s not a dis towards the lads who put Por Favor on, though.

Por Favor-83

The great thing about Por Favor was that the venue is far enough out of town to not get any stragglers, and it was ticketed. So it sold out fast, and no divs were gonna come and crash the place. Neat.

Por Favor-72Por Favor-69

In my opinion, the photos I took aren’t my best work, but the organisers dug them and that’s all that matters in these instances. Besides, I didn’t end up in hospital, actually had fun and have been asked back to shoot their August Bank Holiday. So, there’s no complaints here!

Por Favor-72

Independent nights done proper.

More photos over on WHO ARE THESE FUCKING PEOPLE?!

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