Glasgow Botanic Gardens

On Sunday it was pissing it down, proper.

I’d arranged to meet Katy for a day out and when I woke I figured the rain was about to put an end to that. It actually subsided somewhat by the time the afternoon came along though, and I was just about to set off to meet her when the post arrived…

The mount I was waiting on to use my Elmar 5cm lens on the X-Pro2 had arrived. Sweet.

The following photos are taken using the xf18mmf2 and Elmar 5cm 3.5 lenses.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-20

As the title gives away, we headed to the Botanic Gardens. I switched up a little more from my usual black and white routine and shot colour.

Because, check these out.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-2

I think Katy managed to touch every plant in the gardens. Well, almost every plant. She only managed a few of the cacti before getting pricked.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-3

I want some of these caterpillar lookin’ ones to join my others at home. They look awesome.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-4
Katy, Botanic Gardens-6

Warning… Killer Plants.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-5

I’m not convinced. Katy is still alive, maybe she’s invincible?

The ceiling is impressive. Next time you go somewhere, be sure to look up.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-7Katy, Botanic Gardens-8Katy, Botanic Gardens-11Katy, Botanic Gardens-9
Katy, Botanic Gardens-10

There were some leaves that felt like the inside of a dogs ear. They were so goddamn soft, though as fascinating as it was I didn’t actually take a photo of them. Too distracted.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-12

Outside the gardens, was a wee cage with a calf in. People gathered around, and I mostly just felt sorry for it. I have no idea why it was there. There was also a band. Strange.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-1

With the gardens completed, we took a walk through Kelvingrove Park (somewhere Katy hasn’t visited in her 2 years of living in Glasgow!) and along the Kelvin River…

Katy, Botanic Gardens-13Katy, Botanic Gardens-14Katy, Botanic Gardens-15

I may or may not have fallen down here.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-16

I need to remember to come down here more often. I used to pop down occasionally during last summer with a cider and sit by the river. It’s a great spot, and despite being real close to the park and museum, it stays pretty quiet. It always blows my mind that when I’m sat there I’m actually in the middle of a city.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-17

With the light gently breaking through the trees, I tried out my Elmar for a couple of portraits before we called it a day.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-18Katy, Botanic Gardens-19

I’m out pretty regularly yet I still keep willing myself to get out even more, so it’s rad that I’ve got a couple of new lenses to push me to do so.

Katy, Botanic Gardens-21

If you dug these photos, there’s a whole load of unpublished content on my B-Sides Blog which can be accessed for $7.50 via my Patreon Page. If you check it out there’s also other rewards like having photo-prints and Instax delivered to your door each month. All funds directly help me complete projects and keep shooting photos.

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