Exploring the Abandoned Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital

The stars aligned and Omar, Steven, and myself managed to arrange another day out.

Rather than start from our usual spot, we took a train just out of the city to a place called Hartwood.

Hartwood Hospital-3

Omar mentioned there was an abandoned hospital, and that we should try and get in and see what was happening there. Two minutes out of the station, and we found ourselves in woodland.

Hartwood Hospital-4

We approached a building and wandered around looking for a way in, until we realised that this wasn’t in fact the Hospital we were looking for.

Hartwood Hospital-5

I’m not entirely sure what that building was supposed to be, and the brief look I’ve had online isn’t offering any useful information – though I suspect it’s still a part of it in someway. Either way, it was completely sealed off and would have been pretty dangerous to make any attempt to enter, and there were also signs of security near by.

We darted off through a field, climbed some fences, avoided a near death experience, jumped a train track, and ventured through more woodland – and that was it, we found it. All we had to do was try and find our way in.

The fence around the grounds was daunting, yet somehow Jeffels got over without impaling himself. Omar and myself were a little more sceptical after some half-arsed attempts to jolt over. I found a hammer, and tried to bray my way through the fence to no avail and eventually I just decided to go and check the entrance to see if it was actually properly locked.

It was.

But I found a hole, and crawled under. I don’t think I’ve felt that elated in a while, and when I got through it was like some sort of Shawshank Redemption vibe, just without the mile of shit and piss.

Hartwood Hospital-41

We started to explore all the smaller buildings before working our way into the towers.

All the rooms were interesting, and in various states of decay. If you plan on going though, I’d take a cheap respirator mask just to be safe as some of the room don’t have the best ventilation.

Hartwood Hospital-15
Hartwood Hospital-13Hartwood Hospital-14Hartwood Hospital-18Hartwood Hospital-23Hartwood Hospital-24Hartwood Hospital-25

There were some distant voices, and it turned out they were getting closer.

We went to investigate, and eventually found a small group of teenagers who had also come to explore the place.

It was a relief to find they weren’t a bunch of dickheads, and it was pretty neat to bump into others who just wanted to find cool shit.

Hartwood Hospital-26Hartwood Hospital-28

Here’s a couple of them, I think they said it was their first time here too. They went off to do their own shit, but would occasionally shout back if they found something that we should check out.

Hartwood Hospital-27

We carried on up.

Hartwood Hospital-31

Despite getting to the top, Jeffels still wanted to get higher for “the shot”. If he fell, it would be death. No doubt about it.

Hartwood Hospital-33

The light at the top was pretty flat and I grabbed a couple of portraits just because.

Hartwood Hospital-36Hartwood Hospital-37Hartwood Hospital-38

Knackered, and filthy, we made our way back home.

I’ve included a ton of footage from the hospital in the vlog below so definitely check that out if knackered buildings are your thing, and I’ve also included photos from Omar and Steven.

If you dug these photos, I’ll be posting more on my B-Sides Blog which can be accessed for $7.50 via my Patreon Page. If you check it out there’s also other rewards like having photo-prints and Instax delivered to your door each month. All funds directly help me complete projects and keep shooting photos.

4 thoughts on “Exploring the Abandoned Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital

  1. Was this recently?

    1. Aye, only the other week. You planning on heading there?

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